A Tool for Measurement of Spinal Cord Atrophy

SpineSeg - Spinal Cord Segmentation

SpineSeg is a medical image analysis tool written by Felipe Bergo at the Neuroimaging Laboratory, Unicamp. It works on MRI images of the head/neck and employs semi-automatic segmentation by automatic tree pruning [Bergo et al., 2007] to segment cross sections of the spinal cord and approximate them by ellipses. It also provides linear measurement tools and reslices images to compensate the curvature of the spinal cord.

SpineSeg is provided in source code form, under the terms of the GNU General Public License. SpineSeg requires an Unix-like operating system, such as Linux or Mac OS X. SpineSeg reads only images in our own SCN format, and you will most likely want a conversion tool such as dicom2scn or AfterVoxel.

Current version, as of June 2011, is 2.0.


Version 2.0 (June 2011)


We request that works that use SpineSeg for measurements cite this article: The segmentation method used by SpineSeg is automatic tree-pruning, as described in the article below, with manual seed selection: Published studies that have used SpineSeg:


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