3D Medical Image Visualization

Aftervoxel: 3D Medical Image Visualization

Aftervoxel is a tool for medical image visualization, segmentation and measurement written by Felipe Bergo.

Aftervoxel is provided free of charge for use on Linux-based PCs (freeware, source code not included). Aftervoxel reads DICOM, Analyze and Unicamp's SCN 3D format. It outputs results in Analyze, SCN, JPG, PNG, PPM, PGM, Gnumeric spreadsheets, and HTML reports. Aftervoxel allows quick visualization of 3D medical images, and simple operations such as threshold segmentation.

Current version, as of October 2012, is 2.6. To install, just download the binary file below and chmod +x aftervoxel. Aftervoxel requires the runtime libraries for GTK+, version 2.10.0 or later.


Version 2.6 (2012)

Version 2.3b (2010)

Version 1.1 (2009)


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